Here are some of the other projects I've worked on in the past.

  1. PeopleBond HCMS PHP/PostgreSQL/Javascript I help to build demanding HR features and make decisions based on real business case from the companies we're working with. On premise Human Capital Management System. Used by well-known companies such as Bhinneka (Tech e-commerce), Reins Marindo (F&B), Aksi Cepat Tanggap (Philantrophy), Perum PPD (Government), and others.

    • Actively maintain and develop requested features as our clients use our application
    • Work closely with our founder to decide what features should be implemented and how it would be implemented.
    • Integrate with 3rd party system APIs and vendors to equip PeopleBond
    • Modernize and optimize backend code, database queries, , UI & UX, and user flow.
  2. Vivaldy Skin Clinic PHP/MySQL/Laravel/Livewire A beauty skin clinic in Lombok. I am the manager overseeing technology, marketing and sales works.

  3. Conduit - Real world apps collections by Ricardo "Conduit" is a social blogging site (i.e. a clone). It uses a custom API for all requests, including authentication. Implemented with:

  4. CalvinKain E-commerce PHP/MySQL/Wordpress I help to build a complex business rule and validation to handle their various products. Depending on the categories, there are some cases needed to be checked before user can buy their product.

  5. Kantong Sayur E-commerce PHP/MySQL/Wordpress Need to build system for their business partners and provide commission basis system.

    • Implement referral system for business partners.
    • Implement payment and payout system for business partners.
  6. Vivaldy Skin Clinic Survey System PHP/MySQL/Laravel/Livewire I help to build their survey system, to collect customers' feedbacks, suggestions and to measure user satisfaction to the clinic.

  7. Skilabus - Course Finder PHP / MongoDB / Javascript I help to build their front-facing system from scratch.

  8. ADL Partnership - Architecture Agency NodeJS / GatsbyJS / Wordpress I help to build their website to show their company's portfolio.

  9. IRIJ Jakarta PHP / MySQL / Wordpress I help to build and set up their system to be able to show their company profile, blogs, and shopping features.